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  • Personalized service

    We know that a legal battle is never easy and can sometimes be a very tough burden to bear. We provide professional, friendly services to help you make sense of the matter.

  • Expertise

    LP AVOCATE is your ally in legal matters involving the CSST, SAAQ, IVAC, RRQ, your disability insurance, civil liability, labour law.

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    LP AVOCATE informs you of your rights. Stop complicating your life, and let us help you clarify complex legal matters so that you can make the right decisions.


Our latest news

  • Broad interpretation for motor vehicle accident victims

    On June 22, 2012, the Supreme Court of Canada rendered a decision, Westmount v. Rossy, relative to the interpretation of the concept of “damage caused by an automobile” according to the SAAQ’s Automobile Insurance Act (“AIA”) and, as a result, to the right to compensation for injury from the SAAQ. In this case, the driver […]

  • Legal insurance and legal aid

    It’s often when we need legal services that we realize how much legal insurance could help us financially. People often think they already have legal insurance until they realize that what they in fact have is insurance that covers the costs of legal advice. Beware: legal insurance is not the same as legal aid. So […]

  • Legal advice – Now available online!

    We have noticed that the majority of the population often has never had to engage with a lawyer; yet, we are surrounded by laws: The SAAQ’s Automobile Insurance Act, the CSST Act, IVAC, municipal laws, Civil Code of Québec, etc. LP AVOCATE has therefore decided to allow you to ask us a general legal question, […]